11 years ago today…

11 years ago today a beautiful little girl was born.  She turned our family of 3 for seven years into a family of 4. Funny enough having an even number of people in our family has all ways been a top concern to her, lol. It drove her crazy before Ryker was born that we were an odd family of 5 but it didn’t bother her long as he came along only 17months after his big brother;-)

Sweet child of God has a heart of gold and a huge love for animals and plans on becoming a veterinarian. She is a homeschooled, Community service loving, God fearing child that loves her family and all our animals on our little ranch including a tank of fish, hamster, 1 five year old terrier, 2 eight week old German Shepherd pups, 4 Boer goats (3 of which are due to kid in May and June) and 2 donkeys. I know this lovely little lady is going to do many great things in her life time and touch many hearts. Love you sister!
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  1. Sandie says:

    She is absolutely beautiful, sounds like on the inside also. You are very blessed!

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