Hard Candy-ROCKS (My Review)

Have any of you all heard about Hard Candy Makeup?  I think they pretty much have something for everyone. My teenage daughter loves this makeup but at the same time it has things for me as well. I was recently given the opportunity to review three products from Hard Candy.  I received the light Primer on the far left in this picture, a tube of lip plumping gloss and a glittery eyeliner pencil.

One of my daughter’s favorite products is the Curl Up and Dye-Curling Mascara. She also really likes the Press on Eyeshadow-Eye Tattoo’s  (these are really neat). The Eye tattoo’s look like you had your makeup professionally done or took hours but it’s a simple press on process. Lastly, since she has small lips she likes the Plumping Serum-Fat Pout lip gloss.   As a mommy to 4 and more traditional (boring);-) looking person I have some products I really enjoy as well. I am not a huge make-up person so when I saw the “Sheer Envy Primer” I thought what the heck is this. Well, let me tell you I tried it and I LOVE it. It really does make a difference. You apply this primer to your skin and it only takes a little pea size amount to cover your whole face (seriously). You let it dry a couple minutes before applying your foundation and it makes all the difference in the world. It actually fills in any small lines on your face and allows your foundation to go on so smooth that it looked airbrushed on and so velvety smooth. I let my 14 year old niece put it on before her makeup and she loved it to. She said, “My face feels so soft and smooth”. It definitely get a big thumbs up from us and the other benefit is your makeup lasts longer with the primer on. It made my skin look flawless. Now, who wouldn’t love that! I would have to say that is my favorite product. I also like the lip plumping serum they sent me as my daughter gets her thin lips from her mother. ­čśë It is a little sticky but not too much. I didn’t mind it at all. It is a pretty sheer gloss so I actually put a little lipstick on top of the gloss for some extra color.  I also received an eye liner pencil from Hard Candy to review. I used to wear eyeliner all the time when I was younger but really don’t very much anymore. However, it is nice to have again for a change. I really liked seeing myself with eyeliner on for a change. It went on really smooth with no clumps and no breakage so I was impressed. The great thing about Hard Candy is that it is so readily available. You can pick it up at your local Wal~mart.  It seems everyone loves Hard Candy. I viewed countless video tutorial reviews on YouTube and everyone I watched was a big fan. So you can also go to YouTube and search Hard Candy to watch some tutorials.

**My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by Hard Candy. I was not compensated financially for my review.  

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