Pay if Forward Friday everyone

          I challenge everyone to participate in “Pay It Forward Friday” and find some small way to pay it forward today. You will bless someone else and it will in turn make you feel good as well. I look forward to reading some comments on what you all did for someone else this Friday.  
          I just came home this afternoon from an afternoon at our local VA hospital in OKC. It was such a powerful and rewarding day for us. Our homeschool coop made up a bunch of valentine cards and all us parents and our kids walked the floors handing out cards and giving our veterans thanks. As I explained what we would be doing the night before to my 3year old son, I told him he can say “Happy Valentine’s day and Thank you”. I told him we were thanking them because they all were in the service protecting us like in war.  The little sweetheart said, “I can tell them thank you for saving us”. The vet’s spirits were visibly lifted as were their loved ones as we also stopped off at the waiting areas.  Even when we ran out of cards at the end just a kind word or simply saying, “Thank you for your service” put huge smiles on their faces and they expressed to us how much that truly meant. One man was very choked up by it and wanted to snap our picture..all 50 something of us. It truly was a momentous day! We are proud to be Americans.
Thank you all so much for your service.
You are appreciated!
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