Just Between Friends

If you are in the Oklahoma city area it is that time of year again. Time to shop, sell and save! The sale is going on now through March 26 at the OKC fairgrounds Monday through Friday 10a-7pm, Saturday 10a-5pm 25% off on Friday and 50% off on Saturday.

Just Between Friends is a Shopper’s Dream!
Just Between Friends Sales events are a savvy shopper’s dream!
These are not retail stores but rather savings extravaganzas–shopping events that happen usually twice a year per location. At these events, consignors bring their new and gently-used children’s and maternity merchandise to sell. Shoppers can then browse and purchase these items at great savings, usually far below retail prices.

To find a location near you check HERE. 

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  1. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    Following you from the hop


    I just heard of this "Just Between Friends" also. I am so excited they have an event in my area coming up in a few weeks!!! Very cool 🙂

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