This Little Light of Mine

Recently at our Homeschool coop I was asked to help during our opening class and give a devotional lesson. I am not a public speaker at all even if it’s just in front of my friends and their kids so I was stressing over this big time but I sat down and did my homework and research and came up with a pretty good devotional (I believe) ;-D. Anyhow part of my devotional was teaching and singing the song “This Little Light of Mine” with the kids. I hope it had a great impact on some of my friends kids too as my son loves it and is constantly singing it now. I believe he really likes the shouting “NO” par the best though. Here is his shortened rendition of “This Little Light of Mine”. Meanwhile you notice what little brother is up too? That’s his brother T-ball helmet on his lap.

(Best if you pause my playlist and listen to his version)

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