We survived!

Here he is many hours and a nap afterwards. He was a real trooper. He just cried and wanted me to hold him when it was done which was a total of approx. 10 minutes from the time I left him in the room being sedated until they came and got me. He fell asleep in my arms then slept on the way to Oma’s house. He continued to sleep for probably another hour in my arms on the couch then he was ready for a bowl of ice cream. His appointment was at 1 but he didn’t go back for the procedure until 1:45. We left Oma’s house at 5 and made a quick stop at the bank and then had to whip into McDonald’s because he was SO ready for a burger which he quickly gobbled down. So glad he is not in pain anymore but I still miss that perfect smile he had ;-D Thank you all for your prayers.

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