Coloring Easter eggs tonight

After the bad weather passed and dinner was behind us it was time for coloring Easter eggs. My sweet Savannah has been wanting to color eggs so bad and we all had so much fun. Baby bear missed out on the fun due to sleep. He didn’t even eat supper. 🙁  Look at what a great job the kids did. 
We even have Ninja eggs, lol. I tell you I wish I had their imagination!

It was a fun evening full of memories that will last forever just like their stained fingers. 😉 My sassy daughter seen above suggested we stock up on these kits and make them through out the year just because it is so much fun. 😉 <3 my kid’s!
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  1. jamfiescreations1 says:

    Busy little bees, looks like fun.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

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