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Here is a little bit about Ecoland from their website:

As an environmentally-conscious business, we constantly take steps towards sustainability. We originally started with the Slow Fashion movement, but in the process of providing long-lasting organic cotton apparel, we’ve gradually realized that supporting non-profits that share our vision of a ‘slow lifestyle’ should be a part of our green business model.

We’re a small, family-owned company that believes in helping our planet and our loved ones by producing the best quality organic cotton apparel. Through our products and business practices, we seek to promote environmental and social responsibility:

All of our employees live within 2 miles of the office, which reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions.
Business travel is reduced to a minimum because we utilize online communications systems to correspond with our business partners instead.

And because our office is microwave-free, fresh-made, organic lunches are provided free everyday to our employees.

I love that!! I also love their cute gift sets. This giveaway is for the Toddler Combo Crew Sock 3 Pack (ARV $15.00).

This giveaway ends tonight at MIDNIGHT so enter now! Click HERE!

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