For those of you that are preparing in advance for the coming school year keep these couple sales in mind.

Alpha Omega Publications with over 400 courses is having their Annual Spring Sale. They offer 20% off in April and then 15% off in May. (Discounts do not apply to AOA tuition and fees.)
Check out what’s new for 2011!
*  Switched-On Schoolhouse 2011 Edition<–which my family and I personally enjoyed in the past
*  Horizons Pre-Algebra
*  2 New Courses for Monarch and Switched-On Schoolhouse
          *  7th Grade Math
          *  Personal Financial Literacy
          *  Physical Fitness
*  AOP Tutoring Packages

To look into Alpha Omega you can check them out online at

Christian Book Distributors is holding their Spring 2011 Homeschool Sale. Christian Book

You can snag deals on many different products and publishers from this company like:

*  Alpha Omega
*  BJU Press  (Bob Jones University)
*  Apologia Educational Ministries/The Mystery of History and more
*  Bright Ideas Press & Drive thru History
*  Answers in Genesis
*  A.C.E/School of Tomorrow
*  Lamplighter Publishing
* And many, many more

You can look into Christian Book Distributors online as well at 

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