Wordless Wednesday

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  1. alissa4illustration says:

    The top one reminds me of when I was little. My parents had to get rid of their two dogs because of me. I kept getting sick because of allergies. I hate allergies. I used to sleep on one of my dog's belly. We were under the window {sun beaming on us}. Memories…

  2. Jennifer Leigh says:

    That is one lovable dog on the top pick to let him lay all over him like that! Cute!

  3. Jheanel says:

    took a picture of the exact same flower on saturday.

  4. jayedee says:

    kids and their dogs! what a perfect picture!

  5. izzyshare says:

    Lovely flower!

    I'm giving you The Versatile Blogger Award for all of your hard work and efforts! Check it out at:


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