Getting to know you…

1. have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?
Nope, never have. I actually can’t even remember the last time I went to the movies. Having young children there are just some things even I don’t attempt. 😉
2. would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane?
Actually I can speak from experience here. I will definitely say hurricane. I lived in Virginia beach, VA for a while. You know when hurricanes are coming and can get away. We would go in land to a theme park or something, lol. I now live in Oklahoma and will tell you tornado’s are a big thumbs down. They pop up whenever and where ever. Even with the tornado warning system here they can still sneak up on you. 
3. have you made summer vacation plans?
Yes, I will be taking the three youngest on a road trip to MI to visit my family. It has been 2 years since we have been up for a visit so the hubs is taking time off to stay home and take care of our little farm while we are gone. It will be a much needed break for both of us.
4. what’s your favorite accessory?
 My accessory of choice is honestly a ponytail and a baseball hat. 😉 I do pretty myself up on occasion but typically can be seen donning a baseball cap. 

5. have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
No 🙁 not that I can remember at least. 
6. are you friends with your neighbors?
Yes, actually. We live on a dead end gravel road in the country that is only probably an 8th of mile long so we have 8 neighbors on our street and we all own 5 acres. We make it a point to get to know everyone. We look out for each other and all pitch in on taking care of the road and such. There are actually 3 out of the 8 families(including us) that homeschool so that is really neat. My kids are outside playing with a new family we met just a few days ago.

7. what’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

 Oops, I answered that above by mistake. I can’t remember the last movie I went and saw but I can say it was some type of kids cartoon that we went too and my 3youngest (youngest at the time) was probably 2 and he lasted about 3/4 of the way through before he got bored and gave me a run for my money. ;-D

8 what’s your favorite food network show?

 I would have to say Man vs. food.  There are episodes I wish I was there with him and episodes that I am glad I am not! 

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  1. Leontien says:

    Thank you for letting me know you a little bit more…


  2. Cooking with K says:

    Great to follow you….love your music! Blessings, K

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