God of This City

I have had this song stuck in my head with the recent tornado’s that have torn through OK and MO and ripped apart families and changed peoples lives forever. One family in particular really touches my heart and I pray to God for them constantly. There was a pregnant mom who was home with her 3 very little children when the tornado’s came. She put them in a tub and threw a mattress over them for protection and then shielded them with her own body as well when the tornado leveled their home. Two of her small children were in the hospital in critical condition while the three year old was missing and found a couple days later dead. In the meantime the 15month old passed away in the hospital and the little girl is still in critical condition with head trauma. The mom and her unborn baby are going to be alright. I cannot even begin to image the pain they are feeling right now. I don’t even know this family but have cried for them many times. I know this is only one story of many with all that were lost in the MO as well. As a mother and God fearing woman of faith I know they are in a better place but also know the pain she must be feeling. Please everyone add this family to your prayer lists. There is power in prayer! I hope you enjoy this song. It is one of my favorites.

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