I am so ecstatic that Spring is here. I love just sitting outside and and admiring the beauty and listening to the sounds. It looks so beautiful here in sunny Oklahoma. All the trees are covered with luscious green leaves. The yard is green and flowers are blooming and our veggies have sprouted in the garden. I love listening to the birds singing their pretty songs and in addition to all that we have the farm animals all chatting it up about the great green leaves and grass too. 😉  The chickens are running around scratching up the soil, the goats are bleating and ready to start kidding any day now and the donkey’s just chime in to be heard. 

     Yesterday we spent the day outside doing miscellaneous yard work and playing with the kiddo’s. Savannah driving her 4-wheeler around while the boys were fighting over their gator until the batteries died. I need to start burning these brush piles before we are back under a burn ban again but the wind is telling me not to plan on it again today. 😉 


    The kids decided on a picnic for lunch which consisted of various types of sandwiches, chips, oranges and chocolate pudding (all of which Savannah decided and packed up). It was a perfect day and very few bugs around so very enjoyable. I hope you all had a great weekend too. I will post pictures once our kids start arriving.  I hope you all have a blessed day.

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  2. Jackiedlc says:

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