Nightmare of a day today

Sorry I was MIA all day but it was one of those days. I thought I would be home by noon but that wasn’t even close. The day begins with my little man waking up fussy and feverish. A little fever reducer and some juice and he’d feeling a bit better so it’s time to get around for our WIC appointment at 10:25 but right before we leave my hubby calls and tells me his in the ER in AL because his finger got smashed. Not only that but there is a problem with one of our bank accounts. Arrgg. Finally heading out of the house to get to my appointment and we just pulled in the parking lot at our appointment time. We rush inside and I sign some papers and sit and wait for my name to be called. We sit, and we sit, and we sit. I do my best to entertain the kids but keep them some what managed. I head up to the front desk at 11:30 and was informed they were very short handed up we would be the next one’s. OK (sigh) back to my seat and now just trying to keep the peace and the kids quiet. “Ryker”, Oh it’s out turn and it’s only Noon now. An hour and a half after our appointment time. We head to the back and do the normal height and weight check and head to the room where the computer seems to be froze so we talk as she reboots the computer. Hmm, still froze. Well, she went to the next room to try that computer but alas the entire system is frozen. Oh my gosh! OK, the lovely nurse offered to call me when the computers come up so we head over to the local golden arches for a bite to eat and the play land. The phone call doesn’t come and I am tired of now sitting here for an hour so we head out. Finally at 2:30 the computers came up and we can swing back by and pick up the vouchers. Home free….no way. The bank issues are still not resolved and took me right up until 6 to finally throw my hands up and head home. It was definitely an Ice Cream night so I made one last pit stop for Ice Cream before heading out of town. Thankfully my husband’s finger only needed stitches and he was sent back to work with some medicine and pain killer and thankfully the bank issues were resolved right before quitting time at 6:30. We head home and find everything peaceful and go out to double check on the last pregnant goat to find she had delivered two healthy males. So after a bowl of ice cream the day was definitely ending better than it started. Whew!

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  1. Patti D. says:

    What a frantic day! you still can be grateful that the bank computers didn't plot against you!
    Hope your husband gets well soon!

  2. Beau says:

    that does sound dreadful. i hope today is much much better for you

  3. Kiran Bajaj Sawhney says:

    I have now also followed your blog through facebook NB. Thanks. Lots of love.

  4. Valerie @ My-2-cents says:

    Oh no, this day isn't look much more hopefully as my youngest woke up whinny and has since thrown up. 🙁 Uggh

  5. Karen Greenberg says:

    I'm glad your day started to get better toward the end and that all of the issues got resolved. That just seems like one frustrating and long day. I hope you have a terrific weekend!

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