What a day!
We woke up to very low water pressure then absolutely no water.
Not good. Hubby just left out so it’s just me and the three little ones. (OK, Savannah you are not little but you will always be one of my little ones) 😉 Anyhow after a call to the hubs I am outside moving the back steps and taking the skirting off the trailer. (Getting so close to finally building our dream house) but in the meantime this is home. After taking the switch off the pressure tank and putting another switch on I check the pressure tank and there is no pressure. So off I trek to the barn to pull the air compresser up to the house. After adding some air pressure to the tank. I flip the main power back on and “Woo Hoo” we have water.  A little bit later I tell Savannah to jump in the shower real quick just in case we have any more issues. After several minutes she is back. After she lathered up her hair we have no water again. 🙁 arrggh. So out I go again. Oh yeah, one more important fact…it’s over 100 degrees here again today. So anyhow we try this again. The tank has lost pressure down to 15psi so I added some more air but no luck this time. Still no water and the switch just keeps clicking on and off. I flipped the 20 switch at the breaker so at least that won’t keep running. I have a call in to the repair guy. Do any of you know anything about this type of thing? Help….

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  1. April says:

    My hubby knows about well pumps. Is it a submerge pump?

  2. TruthSeeker says:

    I wish I knew how to help you. 🙁 Knowing you though, you'll figure it out on your own before anyone has a chance to fix it…..'cause that's how you roll! 😉 I will pray it will be fixed soon and very inexpensively! Love ya!

  3. The Gerhardts says:

    Sorry that you have to go through that! Thanks for stopping by the LiL Gerhardts. Following you back =)

  4. The Queen of Swag says:

    thanks so much for participating in my sunday hop! If you don't follow me please follow back as I am following you. Thanks again.

  5. Janie says:

    Oh dear…I hope everything's all fixed by now!
    I can live without electricity but not w/out water.

    visiting via voiceboks

  6. Valerie @ My-2-cents says:

    It's fixed!! Hooray! I can flush the toilet, wash my hands, wash the dishes and dirty little boys and tonight will be a looong hot shower. 😉 Hooray and thank you so much Drigger Pump and Supply.

  7. jayedee says:

    so glad you've gotten it resolved. we're rural too and as much as i love the life, there ARE disadvantages too…
    we just replaced our pump last year…after hauling water from the ponds for the animals and to flush toilets for 2 days. blech!

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