Ten Tasks

All right I started this list on July 7th and today is the 13th but with this heat I am not sure I will get the last outdoor projects completed but I will try. We have had crazy record breaking heat here in Oklahoma. We have been in the 100’s for weeks now. We set a record for the most days over 100 in June and will probably break the July record too. We broke a 100 year old record by hitting 108 in Oklahoma city as well. OK, enough excuses, here is what I have accomplished so far. Oh, I plan on having my bedroom curtains completed today too. If I am really cruising maybe I will get to the beadboard too.

  1. Take apart my kitchen chairs (Woo hoo/1 down already..the easy one)
  2. Sand the kitchen chairs (Done) Whew!
  3. Stain or Sand the kitchen chairs  (not sure how I feel about them yet)
  4. Re-upholster the kitchen chair seats
  5. Finish screwing the boards on the kids swing to fort conversion
  6. Paint the kids fort
  7. Finish hanging the bead board wall paper
  8. Sew or buy and hang curtains in the kitchen
  9. Sew or buy and hang curtains in the Master bedroom
  10. Sew or buy and hang curtains in the boys room
  11.  Make homemade chicken feeder and water container

First off my completed chairs. Boy was that a project but I really liking them. The seats I covered in a silver vinyl fabric I had on hand. With kids it is excellent it wipes off so easy!

The next thing I accomplished was the kitchen curtains. They didn’t replace anything I never had any. We used to have valances up in there and blinds but I got so sick of the blind being so dirty and so hard to clean and the boys always breaking them so I took down the ugly valances and replaced the blinds with shades but never added curtains until now. I am pretty satisfied seeings how it was my first time ever making curtains. Drumroll please…..

I know it’s hard to tell but the curtains are the same length the one of the right doesn’t appear to be but it’s just how it’s hanging. I love it! I want to embellish them but I count this as done for my 10 tasks in 10 days list. I want to add some white ribbon on them. I think a band at the top and at the bottom and maybe some tie back. Let me know your ideas. Now I just completed the chicken feeder and water holder this morning and put them out in the coop. This will make things easier and cleaner. Gotta love that! I learned how to do this on Youtube. These are 2 buckets and lids I bought from Lower’s and on the left an oil pan from Autozone and on the right its one of the livestock feeders because the plastic oil pan wasn’t big enough. I will buy one of the large aluminum ones eventually and give the goats back a feeder. The 5 gallon bucket on the right is full of feed and has holes along the bottom so it comes out as they eat it and the bucket on the right if full of water with a few small holes toward the top. Then you secure the lid and flip it over in the oil pan and it is a self water feeder. Yay for making something easier. Oh and WAY cheaper than buying them at the store. The big ones like this are over $30 each we made outs for around 6 dollars each.

The boys curtains at number 10 are in red because I forgot I already hung curtains in their room. I don’t much care for them but they will work so instead I made these chicken feeders as my number 10 task.  I am getting there and really enjoying seeing the accomplishments.

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  1. Mommy LaDy Club says:

    You are doing really well on your list…very impressive! Thanks for coming by and voting in Battle of The Leading Men!

  2. montanna says:

    Another important and ubiquitous tool is a putty knife. When you are doing your kitchen remodeling, you’ll need one if you’re going to replace kitchen countertops or your kitchen floor.

  3. Shannon Pate says:

    I need to make myself DO THIS!! I have so many projects I need to get done… instead of sitting on my behind. And blogging and watching Judge Judy! lol

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