Wordless Wednesday

This is a wonderful teenage girl name, Sarah, and horse trainer extrordinaire teaching Savannah how to lunge one of the horses she has trained that we are looking to buy. (OK, sorry for not being quite so wordless…sorry about the boys in the background on this video too. It was hot and they were bored)

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  1. Stacy Uncorked says:

    That was cool to watch! And the "Mom, I'm tired!" cracked me up! ­čśë

    WW: Pelicans on the Mississippi

  2. Melissa {AllSewnUp} says:

    I actually had to watch without sound, (it's a very fragile state of nap time here) I'll be coming back to check it out again. My son has been pining for riding lessons but he's three and no one around will start him till he is four.

  3. Joy @ Joy Of Desserts says:

    So good that she is learning to train her horse before you actually buy it. So many people don't know how to take care of horses, yet buy one anyway.

  4. Good Girl Gone Green says:

    Awesome! Super neat to watch!

  5. GayNYCDad says:

    No apologies, sometimes we have to add words!

  6. Ola says:

    Thank you for following me! I'm a new follower of yours also. My Twitter account was hacked…. so do not click that link, and if you did change your password.

    I apologized for this!


  7. Mrs. Marine says:

    Cool!! Horses are so neat and beautiful! I wanna go horseback riding again!!

    Aloha! Mrs. Marine
    & the Tiny Troops

  8. Grandma Bonnie says:

    That takes me back to a time when we had a horse.
    New follower from Wordless Wednesday.
    Hope you follow back.

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