The Greatest Food Fight of All Time 
Best friends who share a simple wish: To become legends before moving on to junior high. But how? Fate intervenes on the first day of sixth grade and shows them the path they must take, when, during lunch, all the teachers step out of the cafeteria at the same time, leaving 150 elementary students alone with a massive supply of tater tots, corn, pudding, and more. Seeing their chance, the boys act, and unleash culinary chaos unlike any the world has ever seen before. How long will they have before the teachers get back in? Will they achieve the legendary status they seek? Is there better ammo for a food fight than tater tots? Find out, in the Greatest Food Fight of All Time!
This is a 56 page book that I would say is geared more towards boys but I know my 11year old daughter will enjoy it as well. This book is written by J.L. Nesvold and Illustrated by Jake Karwoski. The pictures are really good at helping the characters come to life. It really is a fun book and I sat and read it cover to cover and could visualize the entire story in my head. It really does sound like the typical 6th grade boys way of thinking. It sent my mind racing back to my days in school the the groups that I knew. The TDK connection had worked very hard at making a name for themselves. Everything was just too perfect that day making it impossible to deny themselves the gift of becoming school legends that fateful first day of school in September. I would definitely recommend you putting this one on the reading list for your home if you have children in elementary school.
The Greatest Food Fight of All Time
This book is for sale on Amazon for $9.95 which I think is a great price for this book and is available now. Click the image to the left and you will be taken directly to it on Amazon.

The Greatest Food Fight of All Time even has it’s own Facebook Fan page. You can read postings from the author and reviews from other people as well.

Read to your children and make precious memories with you children because before you know it they’ll be grown. Childhood flies by all to fast. Cherish every minute of it!

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