This photo board was one I believe I picked up at Goodwill for $1.00 a few years back that was in perfect condition. The only problem was the colors. It was done in a baby blue and white small checkered pattern. Well it sat behind a dresser for a few years until today. Today was the day for the make-over. Savannah and I picked out everything we might need and set to work burning our fingers ever so often with the hot glue gun but we are so pleased with the results. Take a look.

I think we did a splendid job and love the looks of it in her room but for know it will lean against the wall on her headboard until we finish the other projects and set up the room how it will be and then we can hang it on the wall if we decide too. What do you think? My daughter is still Zebra crazy. 
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  1. Small Kucing says:

    for $1.00 only? That is a steal! Wow! You did a good job getting it a new "skin".

  2. Shannon Lawrence says:

    My daughter's name is Savannah, as well! Love the photo board.

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