Thank you Firemen for all you do

Today we baked up a batch of brownies and went to visit a local fire department. My son Ryan, 4, is a big Fireman fan. Here he is sporting his Kidorable rain gear from a review/giveaway earlier this year.

We went to the Renew to get my oldest daughter’s hair done for a fresh start for her first day of school at Anthony David’s hair academy and while we were there waiting we met a really nice Fireman. We only caught his first name. He was there getting a haircut and gave the boys “City of Moore” fire dept. temporary tattoo’s and invited them to stop by for a tour. We thought this would be a great day to stop in so we baked up some brownies as a thank you. Our poor firefighters have been so busy with our crazy droughts and extreme temps this year. The guys were really nice and let the kids check out the firetrucks and look around a bit. We didn’t get the full tour as a couple firemen were sleeping but we’ll swing in some other time for that. Ryan was NOT ready to leave. He wanted to stay for hours. 🙂 Here are a few pic’s a snapped while we visited.

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  1. Caffeinated Mom says:

    I love these pics!

    Glad to follow a fellow Oklahoman!

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