While There is Still Time

     God always sends messengers to warn his people before a special event. He sent Noah before the flood. He sent angels before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He send John the Baptist before the arrival of Jesus Christ. 
     In the same way God spoke to Noah and John the Baptist, he has spoken to Terrell Dunnum. Terrell had released the Lord’s messages into a book of poetry that will bring hope and healing to all who read it. 
     While There is Still Time is filled with poetry that is enjoyable both for its messages and its unique rhythms and rhymes. The poetry in While There is Still Time will touch all people, whether saved or unsaved. The lost will be drawn back to God, the weak in faith will be strengthened, and all readers will find encouragement and inspiration. 

     While There is Still Time is a message designed to bring healing and restoration. Twenty-six prophetic works of poetry comfort, exhort, encourage, warn, and remind us of who God is, what he has promised, and what he is getting ready to do. Readers will feel each poem speak to them personally and will be moved in a way that brings submission and adoration toward God.

     As you read the poems in this book you are to ask yourself 5 things:

1.  What understanding am I getting from this poem?
2.  What does it say to me personally?
3.  How can it help others?
4.  Who are the people that come to mind?
5.  What is God leading me to do?
There is a reflections section following each poem that allows you to answer the questions above and prayerfully think about the message you are to run and share with others after reading this prophetic book of poetry.

Mr. Dunnum’s poems are enjoyable, not only for the message they share, but also in the poetic rhythm of the lines he writes. I think his poems are very poignant but don’t come across as preachy. You will be touched by the message and the thoughtfulness that Mr. Dunnum puts into his work.  It’s a poetic message that will touch the hearts and souls of individuals of all walks of life.

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  1. Rebecca Camarena says:

    Very nice book review My 2 Cents.

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