Leapfrog Giveaway

Who doesn’t love LeapFrog, right?

Leapfrog makes learning fun. Our kids don’t even realize they are learning. To them they are simply playing a fun game!

Right now you can enter to win this neat new learning toy called, My own Story Time Pad, over at Two of a Kind Working on f Full house. This new toy has personalized play, stories and activities on a tablet just for little learners! Children can watch fun animations and listen to stories, emails and music as they explore the world of Scout & Friends. Parents can personalize the story time pad with their child’s name, favorites, customized “emails” from family and a music playlist. My Own Story Time Pad comes pre-loaded with 1 story, 1 email, and 3 songs, and holds up to 5 stories, 10 songs and 3 emails at a  time.  Wouldn’t this make an excellent Christmas present?

Click HERE to enter now.

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