Night Owl Paper Goods-Coupon Code

Believe it or not, the holidays are almost upon us again…I know you all remember my review/giveaway for the Eco Friendly Night Owls Paper Goods that I hosted back in July. Well they are now offering you 20% off their existing and new products.  they are so excited to announce that their ec0-chic, incredibly unique birch wood holiday cards are now available in over 50 brand new designs, including even more of my favorite patterns, critters and cars. In addition, all of their designs are also now available in paper. They are so festive and fun and great for every budget!   Take a peek!

They are offering an incredible Early Bird Special—A 20% discount on all Personalized Holiday Cards PLUS free domestic, ground shipping on all orders $49+ good through October 26. 

I am more than pleased to help them spread the word as they are devoted to creating handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies using sustainably harvested wood.
Another thing I love it the fact that they are located in Birmingham, Owlabama. ((Yay, another company producing Made in the USA products!)) We have to help support our made in the USA producers.

Click Here to go shopping for your Eco-Chic and totally unique and personalized Christmas cards now!

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