In honor of Veterans Day

I wanted to thank all of our Veterans today for all the sacrifices they have made as well as their families. I watched a show last night in honor of fallen Oklahoma soldiers. Their families shared about their lost loved ones and getting that knock on the door and their lives now. I haven’t cried that much in a long time. I sat with my family and tried explaining to the children why mommy was so sad. My heart aches for these families. Please spend today being EXTRA thankful to our soldiers and being MORE appreciative than normal for what we have.  It’s so easy to be negative and complain but seriously look around at all God’s glory and be thankful. It is so much better to focus on the good things in your life than to focus on the bad. I choose to live thankful and appreciate all the little things. I don’t have a big house, we are not rich, we don’t get the luxury vacations BUT I do have happy and healthy children, a husband that works hard, the ability to stay home with my children every day and home educate them and we can have fun camping at the local lake or spending the day at the zoo.  I LOVE my life and wouldn’t give up anything for a big house, or more money or anything. Thank you Dad for the sacrifices you and mom made while you were serving. Thank you dear husband for the sacrifices you made while you were serving. Thank you all who were or are soldier or who know and love a soldier. We are thankful for all of your sacrifices!

Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. I’m grateful for veterans too. They are true heroes, not these made-up ones we worship like athletes and movie stars.
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