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Get $19.95 in products for only $9.95 when you purchase this deal. Redeem your discount at These socks award winning socks are specially designed to keep baby’s feet and legs warn. Undersocks are soft, bamboo thermal underpants with plushy socks sewn into the bottom. They are made to be worn underneath your baby’s favorite outfits as a warming layer. Keeps socks on baby’s feet and keeps the entire leg warm too. Made of ultrasoft, breathable bamboo thermal fabric that feels great against baby’s sensitive skin.

No more cold calves because of the gap between socks and pants. No more cold little feet because the socks were kicked or wiggled off. No more uncomfy baby because the tights were too…well, tight.

Made in the USA and created by a mom of four boys.

Comes in sizes newborn through 18 months.

Benefits of Undersocks:
1. Keeps socks on baby’s feet. No more socks that fall off or get pulled off.
2. Keeps baby legs warm, and covers the gap that exposes skin when baby is in a stroller or carrier.
3. Socks are thick and with non-slip grip on the bottom.
4. Pants are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking.
5. Lightweight and can be worn under clothing without causing any bulk.
6. Made in the USA.
7. Awarded The Baby Planner’s Seal of Approval.

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*Deal Ends Thursday November 17, 2011 at 11:59 PM MST
*Orders are open to US mailing addresses only
*Customer will be mailed a coupon or promo code within 72 hours (working business days) of the conclusion of the deal.

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