We all love pictures of our families, loved ones and I love great nature pictures as well but how about those pictures turned into puzzles?

Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is an Internet-based retailing and manufacturing service of Custom Jigsaw Photo Puzzles. Piczzle specializes in the field of custom puzzles production as it sells wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individuals and businesses directly through this website. We also sell indirectly through online/offline distributors and independent resellers. We strive to provide the best custom jigsaw puzzle to our customers who wish to capture life’s precious moments through a photo puzzle.  We believe success is possible by taking care of our environment. Keeping this in mind, we are careful to preserve the environment by using recycled materials in our custom-made jigsaw puzzles. Piczzle sells its personalized jigsaw puzzle products worldwide through operation facilities located in the USA and Europe. Piczzle’s Personalized Picture Puzzle service was founded in May 2003.

I was so excited about reviewing this product because I LOVE taking pictures of my family and with Christmas coming up I knew this would be a great gift.  The hardest part about the entire process was choosing which picture I was going to use.  The website, http://www.piczzle.com/, was super easy to figure out and very user-friendly.  I chose to add some text to my picture and then the 2nd hardest part…waiting. The wait was very short thank goodness and I received it in the mail and tore into it as fast as I could without little eyes around. Here is what I  received.

I love it already and this is just the box. Then I opened it to find the puzzle is kept in a resealable plastic bag. I also dumped out the pieces and assembled the puzzle and snapped a picture before putting it all back away to be opened on Christmas morning.

I am so happy with this product and want EVERYONE to know about it. I will tell you right now that I WILL be buying more of these puzzles! Now to share the wealth with my readers. I will host a giveaway for one lucky winner as soon as I can hit 1000 fans on my Facebook page. As of this very minute I stand at 898 so this shouldn’t take very long. I can’t wait to share this with you all. Please help get Its the Simple Things up to 1000 fans.

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  1. George Zapo says:

    Great idea and product, Valerie! You have my support!
    George Zapo recently posted..Recognize and Avoid Email ScamsMy Profile

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