Day 18- My 2012 in Pictures

I like this title better than project 366 so I am going with “My 2012 in pictures from now on. 🙂


These are the knights of my oval table. Today, we had our morning chores of feeding the animals, letting the chickens out and taking off the horses blanket (I won’t mention morning chores anymore typically because we do them every morning.) Then my daughter treated us to a pancake breakfast and started her schoolwork for the day and before we knew it lunch time was upon us and time to head out for band practice. While Savannah was a band the boys and I met friends at the library. The boys played on the computers while I visited with my friend and then we picked up Savannah from band and headed home. I dropped Savannah off at the neighbors to do her job while I took the boys home. When Savannah got home we did our evening chores (morning chores in reverse) plus Savannah worked with the horse a bit. Then I made supper and here we are.

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