In memory of Gary Lee Riley

Tribute to Gary Riley  <–This was created by someone at the school he taught at, Casady.

We met Gary around 7 years ago when I started up a home daycare.  They were the first family I ever babysat for and we became fast friends.  Sweet baby Grace was just the cutest thing ever and her parents were the best anyone could ever hope for giving me raises and bonuses and such because they felt I deserved it. Can you imagine that? Anyhow, like I said we became more like friends and were invited to Grace’s birthday parties and went swimming at their house and even went out together one evening.

Gary was the most amazing musician on top of being a great dad and a good guy so once a week my girls would go home with him when he came to pick up Grace and he would give them music lessons.  He taught my oldest daughter how to play the guitar and taught my youngest daughter how to play the keyboard.  This little lady is also a music lover and has gone on to play the trumpet and wanted to start playing the saxophone next year. She is really bummed she didn’t get to have Gary as her teacher for the Saxophone.

His funeral was today and since my husband wasn’t in town I took all the kids with me. I didn’t know how well that would go with 2 very active and LOUD little boys but we talked a lot about it and they were on their best behavior. I am so proud of them.  I was staying strong right up until they played the video tribute with all the pictures that’s when I started to break down and then saying our last goodbyes as the service ended it was all I could do to try not to let the tears start rolling as I looked over at sweet little Grace and her wonderful mommy Becky.  They are such amazing people.

I am so glad to have met this family and to have been a part of their lives.  I am very happy to have been able to have Gary as my girls music teacher and family friend and can say they he will be dearly missed.  We will meet again one day Mr. Gary Riley and it will be a glorious day! Rest in Peace.  I hate goodbyes.

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