Loved this post from Obviously Marvelous and wanted to borrow it this week. 🙂

1. What was your first wristwatch like?  I remember my first wrist watch was a white snoopy watch with a white leather band and snoopy’s arms were the arms on the face. 🙂 Makes me smile.

2. What lately seems to have been a thief of time? Life has been so busy lately it seems that everything will be a thief of time if you let it. I have worked endlessly on de-cluttering and tossing loads of items out of my home. My plan is to get this place de-cluttered to save me time very soon.  I try to steal time when I can, such as when sister is at band class the boys and I spend that time together playing at the park or playing on the computers at the library (they LOVE that). I make myself walk away from the computer and spend more time with my kids. Last night we played Battleship and sister played with my hair while baby boy snuggled up. I can’t believe sister will be 12 in a couple of weeks.  I know all to well how fast time is flying by and don’t want to miss it.

3. What were yesterday’s quietest five minutes like? Yesterday’s quietest 5 minutes were spent in the bathtub. My shoulder and neck was really bothering me last night so after several games of Battleship I turned on the boob-tube for the kids and slid off to the bathroom alone.  Filled the tub with hot water and muscle relaxing crystals. Then I plugged in the heater to make my little retreat and my time nice and cozy and sunk down in the water and for a few minutes that was really nice until CLICK. The fuse blew and I was sitting in the pitch black, lol. I fumbled around for my towel and dried off then unplugged the heater (the cause of the blown fuse) and made my way to the breaker box to turn my lights back on. 🙂

4. In what way have you lately been saving time? As I said, I am de-cluttering to save time in the very near future. I am also trying to multi-task when ever possible. My daughter and I do the morning and evening chores together instead of one of the other and it makes it easier and quicker on both of us plus it gives us a few minutes alone most mornings. (sometimes Ryker goes with us) It’s not much but it’s nice as we can talk just the two of us.

5. We are often charged hourly rates for labor, but we never get to reciprocate in kind when promised completion times don’t match actual completion. If you could bill people for the time you spend waiting, what would be a reasonable amount? In the past I probably would have said something like, “They couldn’t afford me, lol” but realistically I don’t know. It sounds nice but it’s not going to happen. I try not to depend on others if possible I prefer to just do most things myself. However, there are times where you just can’t help it. Hopefully in 2013 we will start building a house and we will be totally dependant on a lot of people and I think it just comes down to being patient, trusting God and letting a lot of things go. I find NO pleasure in being stressed out and upset over things I can’t control. <3

I hope you all have a very wonderful weekend and get some rest and relaxation. We all need to recharge our batteries on occasion.

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  1. Marcie W. says:

    Thank you for giving my site credit 🙂 I greatly appreciate it. I do Friday 5 every week, so feel free to do it too!
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