When I saw this post from Kissed by a Frog I couldn’t believe what I was reading and then it hit me…this makes sense.

Look at these before and after pictures.

This is pretty darn impressive and yet so easy to get and then it maintains itself pretty good after the original cleaning. That is ALWAYS a plus. This is what the writer had to say.

YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART OF THE SET OF SHOWER PICTURES?? I have NOT cleaned those glass door in over a month and they are still CRYSTAL CLEAR!!
  •  Do I squeegee them daily? NOPE!
  • Do I spray nasty cleaner on them and rinse it daily? NOPE!
  •  Did I have to use some sort of toxic cleaner? NOPE!
  •  Do I bleach them? NOPE!
  •  Do I even use a bathroom cleaner on them? HECK NO!
  •  So who wants to know the MAGIC behind this cleaning trick???
  • Click on this link to read the answer over at Kissed by a Frog


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  1. That is just amazing. I would have never guessed the cleaner she uses, but you know what? It makes perfect sense!
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  2. Jenni says:

    Actually, this tip is not from Ask Anna. That is a guest post that was done by me over here http://kissedbyafrog.blogspot.com/2011/10/magic-trick-cleaning-your-shower.html

  3. […] recently wrote a post about what one person uses to clean her shower which you can read HERE.  In it I said the information came from Ask Anna (which wasn’t totally incorrect), however […]

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