Crafty hubby in the house :-)

Since my hubby has been home so much lately he picked up some power tools and got crafty!

Since freight has been so slow he has had a lot of time on his hands so he set off to build a new TV stand. We had most of everything he needed all ready except a few pieces of wood.  We got a new TV for an awesome deal over the holidays but we didn’t have a stand for it so when we tossed out the old TV we kept the custom stand that went with it to stand this new TV on. It was basically an all in one TV stand for the old TV so it really was quite horrid but it worked….kind of. I LOVE what my husband created for our new TV stand. It even has hidden storage on the sides. (He is really catching on to the hidden storage that I like). I want simplicity and sleek-ness. I don’t want do dads and trinkets and knick knacks every where. I want sleek and neat and clean. He built the stand and brought it in for me to stain and polyurethane but was so eager to see how it worked he immediately sat it all up and put everything on it (except the DVD’s and such. I drew the line there). That kind of makes it difficult to stain and polyurethane. He, however, hit the road this morning for a couple of days so I quickly shuffled things to one side and stained it then moved everything to the other side and finished up. I will probably wait to polyurethane it for his next trip out that is more than a couple of day. Anyhow, take a look. Yes, that is Dino Dan on the TV. I don’t even know why it’s on since the two older kids are out play and little man is snoozing on the couch so…now it’s off. 🙂

I think it’s great! The smaller first shelf has the satellite receiver on it and the middle holds the Xbox, Kinect and DVD player and the bottom just has a VCR on it right now. The two sides have shelves as well but hidden from the front so you don’t see it all when you are sitting on the couch watching a show. There are two shelves on either side tall enough for DVD’s and the top shelf will work great for CD’s. Hooray for home improvements. Especially those that turn out so nice and don’t cost much of anything. Here is a side shot of the stand but it was really hard to see the shelves so I lightened it some which doesn’t look the best but so you have an idea.

I have another project I am working on as well and hope to have completed soon too to share with you. I am eager to see how it turns out and then an even bigger project I want to complete for my daughter’s room once these couple of projects are done. 🙂  Love wood working and home improvements!!

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