My 2012 in pictures-Day 36

Today was a busy day. It started off with our chores, helping Savannah on her research paper while online looking at different load boards trying to find the hubby a load. Then the phone rang just after lunch and it was a friend of ours where we take our goats to be bred. He called with bad news that coyotes or a pack of dogs tunneled into one of his pens over night and killed one of our does. We loaded up and went over to pick up our other does to bring them home for safety. Our friend felt just terrible but he has done so much for us in the past and things happen so there are absolutely no hard feelings.
We came home and unloaded the girls and moved around some round bales while the boys were digging for buried treasure…one of their favorite outdoor activities. Before we knew it the sun was going down. I did get a load booked for my husband and the goats home safe and Savannah made great progress on her paper today so all in all it was a productive but tiring day.

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