My 2012 in pictures-Day 44

Day 44 was a Snow Day at our house. This was the first snow of the year and is pretty much gone now that evening has arrived. We played and played. First it was morning chores and then a little down hill sledding. The chickens had never seen snow before and were too afraid to touch it for a little while. My daughter cleared out this area in front of their coop and this is where they stayed for quite a while before venturing out.  Back in for breakfast and to warm up with some hot chocolate. Then we were back out this time with the sled behind the four-wheeler.  I drove the kids around I don’t know how many times until we were numb then back in to warm up and complete a few lessons before back out and more sledding behind the four-wheeler until it ran out of gas and then it was snow man time.

We wan to introduce to you all…..Frosty the Dirt Ball, lol

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