My 2012 in pictures- Day 45

Day 45- Valentines Day

Started off like any other day with our chores and then school work.

Then we were off to a Homeschool Valentines Party at Ci Ci’s Pizza..MMMmmm good!

That was a lot of fun (I forgot to take any pictures and then back on the road. We stopped by the

Haley’s (they are like our adopted Grandparents) and dropped off Valentines and the gave them some love.

Then we were off to riding lessons and then home to finish up schoolwork and make supper.

My hubby has been working on this weight lose program pretty well and joined this great website

Kelly Kaehler and has been doing the workouts and making the most delicious, healthy meals.

This was stuffed chicken. The stuffing was made of finely chopped broccoli, parmesan cheese

and Italian breadcrumbs and the juice from one lemon and mixed it up and stuff it. That’s all

there was to it. We added some rice to the meal and you top with sliced lemons that were

sautéed lightly in a little butter.  We have enjoyed every one of these meals at this point.

I was also greeted when I got home with this lovely Valentines bouquet of wonderful smelling,

yellow roses.  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! <3

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