My 2012 in Pictures Day 46

Today was GORGEOUS! You never would have known there was snow on the ground a couple of days ago. Today was in the 60’s and just perfect. We had our daily chores, school work and homeschool band today but we tried to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather by at least driving with our windows open and we opened some windows at home too. It actually got hot in the house so we had to open some window. Can you believe it?? This is February! I am not complaining but I am a little concerned that if it’s in the 60’s in February what does July and August have in store for us this year? After all the activities today ((sigh)), Tuesdays and Wednesday are our busiest days, we arrived home.  Savannah got back to work on her studies while I cleaned up and prepared supper. Then it was time for chores and before I knew it this happened.

This is so sweet but I don’t like it when they fall asleep before I am prepared because now I have to figure out how to get Pj’s and a diaper on him without waking him up.  🙂 Where are the other two little’s you ask? Let’s go find them.  Oh, they took a break from the XBox Kinect for some Midnight Club 3 action on the Playstation.  They deserved it. It was a long day. Good night everyone.


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