My 2012 in Pictures-Day 51

Well, today was a pretty unproductive day at our house. The kids didn’t have to do their school work in recognition or presidents day and I was busy on the computer most of the day working for my husband’s business. However those little people in my life found a great way to have some fun today with a simple object they found. Take a look at these adorable boys.

Here is a picture I snapped last Sunday night.  Daddy wanted Savannah to watch Moby Dick because “it’s a classic”  so they watched part one and we ate supper then they went to watch part 2. So…..do you think they enjoyed the movie? LOL, Savannah woke up this  morning and said shoot I shut off the TV and went to bed and forgot to record my show and missed the end of Moby Dick. I corrected her and showed her this picture. She didn’t remember we giving her a piggy back ride to bed. 😀

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