My 2012 in pictures- Day 53

Today was absolutely heavenly! It was 75 degrees in Oklahoma and nothing but a calm breeze blowing.  My husband continued his work on a new TV stand/storage center he is building.  The boys played outside for hours. They kicked the soccer ball with their dad and practiced T-ball (batting). Then they played with a bubble machine and took turns riding in the wagon holding the handle to steer and going down the hill in the backyard. Do any of you remember doing that growing up? It was just gorgeous. Poor Savannah hated being inside doing schoolwork for a good chunk of the day but she worked hard and got her lessons done and we were off to band. The big man stayed home with dad to play some more and my little buddy went with us. Instead of our normal trip to the library during band we decided to go look at the jets and planes on display in front of Tinker Air Force Base and enjoy the sunshine.  When we got back home Savannah had some time to play with her brothers and throw the tennis ball for the dogs and just run around and play a bit. I LOVE my kids and I LOVE my life. It doesn’t get any better than days like these.

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