We knew Day 42 was sister’s big 12th Birthday and my husband didn’t get home until day 41 so shortly after he got home we decided a trip up town would be a good idea. So after a discussion we decided he would stay home with the boys while the girls hit the town.  That sounds way more exciting than it really was. Our first stop was the bank then the gas station and then an hour-long wait at the dealership for an oil change. Then we were off to Aldi, Wal-Mart, Target and Homeland coupon shopping. Thankfully Aldi, Wal-Mart and Target are all on opposite corners from one another. Here is a picture from the dealership and a picture of Ryan doing his schoolwork on the computer as I found him when we arrived home.

Day 42 was definitely more exciting since it was my little girls birthday.

We started off this day with pink heart pancakes for my little princess. Since daddy was going to stay home with the boys for the roller skating party we did a separate cake and celebration at home for the family. This cake was supposed to be a pink heart cake but I was impatient last night after 10 when we got home from shopping and groceries put away and such. I tried to take the square cake out of the pan too soon and it crumbled sooooo.  She got this round cake with cake balls decorating. What else can you do with a cake that crumbles but make some delicious cake balls. Am I right or am I right? 🙂  Before digging in we all sang Happy Birthday to her. Soon after we had to head out to pick up one of her friends for the party and then to Rollerland we go. It was so much fun. I had a great time visiting with the moms and the kids just had a blast. One of our neighbors and friend made her a special cake for the birthday party. We just loved it and it was a perfect match for Savannah decorated in zebra and purple with a picture of her horse on the front. She opened presents from her friends after the cake and ice cream including this adorable chicken Webkinz from her older sister. She is such a goofball. If she was in public school she would so be the class clown. We took 4 of them home after so the fun continued until they were all dropped off.  This is a fun picture I snapped of most of them goofing around waiting for Savannah to take her turn in the prize booth trying to catch money. It was a great day and then she ended up spending the night with the neighbor girls once we got home and had supper. Love that girl!


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