Re-purposing Calendars

We love doing this every year.  We use old calendars with pictures that we like and turn them into envelopes.  Some things we shred, some things we recycle, some things we compost but calendars we re-purpose.  All you need for this project is a calendar, a glue stick, scissors, a regular envelope to trace and a pen to trace it.

Then you carefully open up the envelope you are going to use to trace onto all the calendar pages. Then lay it on the calendar pages how you like and trace them. Then it’s simple a matter of cutting them out and running your glue stick along the bottom side of the two triangle flaps on the left and right side and fold up the bottom flap and you are done. When you use these envelopes you will, obviously, need the glue stick again to seal them shut.
These are the ones we made today. In years past we have used our Zoo friends calendar too and that makes some real fun envelopes as well. Just use what you like. here is a close up of one from today.

Have fun with this simple and green craft with your family.

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