My 2012 in pictures- Day 63

Saturday was a fun day. Savannah and I took Ryan roller skating for the first time. The boy was amazing. We had them tighten his wheels and made it around the rink almost 2 times when he said, “You can let go now, mom” in that slightly annoyed voice they can do so well.  He was off and moving. I had to keep reminding him to stay closer to the wall because he kept venturing out in traffic and boy was it busy. I think there were 8 birthday parties going on so it was packed!  He did amazing and after an hour and half we decided to have them loosen his wheels up a bit. He acted like his legs where noodles for a couple of laps around and about the time I was thinking we needed to tighten them back up he told me to let go again and he was cruising again. Don’t get me wrong we definitely had our share of falls. He was getting pretty sore and about half an hour before we left he asked, “What’s this made of (referring to the floor) concrete or something?” LOL. He was feeling a little sore. It was a very successful and fun adventure. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t fall asleep on the way home. He told dad all about it and then asked to play the Xbox but dad asked him to wait until the news was over. Here is the result.

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