Day 71 Sunday

          Sunday we spent a good chunk of the day out at Gallery Farm. My husband was home so he kept the boys which made thing much easier. Today at Gallery Farm the Junior Team (which Savannah just joined) worked on creating signs for sale to help them raise money for the team. The money they raise goes toward helping them further their riding education to help them pay for competitions and more training courses. They worked on making old boards into signs like “If you are smoking you better be on fire” and other cute saying like that. They also take custom orders.

          After working on the signs in an assembly line fashion. A couple dads were cutting the boards, I drilled in two holes for the baling wire that they  will be hung with, three girls including my daughter gave them different colored spray painted backgrounds so the saying would show up better than the rest of the girls were inside painting the sayings on the boards. We all brought Spanish themed dishes to share and ate at 6 then had their monthly meeting. It was a long day but a fun and productive day.

Day 71- Monday
Photo Fail today.
          Today was spent in the house mostly on the computer. Savannah was ahead on her studies so going on that road trip to Mt. Rushmore with her dad was a “no-brainer”.  The quarter ended on Tuesday though and we had plans to go to the Omniplex on Tuesday and riding lessons so Savannah needed to complete two lessons in History, Science and Math  today so we didn’t have any school work to complete on Tuesday. I read History to her and was needed in helping her quite a bit on her other subjects today so I didn’t get far from her and of course there are still daily chores and meals to make so it was a photo fail today. 🙁 Ugh.
Day 72- Tuesday
What a long, exhausting and WONDERFUL day!
          Savannah caught up on everything yesterday so we were off to the Omniplex for an awesome day. I sure wish we wouldn’t have more time there though. I should’ve  just rescheduled Savannahs riding lessons because there was so much to see, do and experience there that we were unable to do because of our time constraints. I posted a couple of pictures on my Wordless Wednesday post. Savannah had the opportunity to ride a Segway at the Omniplex as well. This girl has done more things than I have all ready in her short 12 years.

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