Wow, what a busy week this has been.

Wednesday, Day 74

Today was homeschool band day like it is every Wednesday. This week Michael was home so Ryan stayed with his daddy while I took Ryker with me.  We dropped Savannah off at band practice and went to the library. Ryker played on the computers while I read and then we ran back to pick up Savannah. Michael met me there and took all the kids home so I could run to the doctors to have my finger looked at. No big deal just an old injury that’s been acting up lately. The doctor said she thinks it’s tendonitis…no biggie. They did take x-rays so that is my awesome picture for the day, lol.

Boring, I know. I was sitting there thinking, “Shoot, I haven’t taken any pictures today. ” So what else am I supposed to do? I knew when I got home I would be attacked with hugs and kisses and requests for supper, etc. I figured I would forget and I did so here you have it. 🙂 Tomorrow will be better I promise.

Thursday, Day 75

Hooray for field trips!! Today was the Oklahoma Aquarium field trip through OVCA (Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy). We had a good time but there were tons of people there taking advantage of the FREE field trip just like we were. Because of the crowds I didn’t go so camera crazy but here are some pics I did take.

My favorite part is the Shark tunnel but it was really hard to get any good pictures there. Picture this walking through a glass tunnel with water all around you except the floor and sharks swimming beside you and over top of you. LOVE IT!

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  1. Valerie,
    What a fun trip! Wish I lived closer to a museum, zoo, etc. What am I saying? With the influx of animals around here lately I feel like I LIVE in a zoo. 😉 40 baby chicks in my kitchen, in a kiddie pool, as I type this, yep its a zoo.

    • Valerie says:

      That’s too funny. We did the same thing…almost. When we first got our baby chicks in my husband built a raised brooder box that we kept in Savannah’s room. She would take them out and handle them quite a bit every day I think that helped with their personalities they have now. She built little areas out of blocks on her floor and let them hop around. 🙂 The horse, donkey and goats do not come in the house though. Well we have had a couple sickly baby goats in the house before. 😛

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