Five New Have to Try Candies

Five New Candies to Try

If you do not take the time to look for it, your favorite candies may get played out (as far as your tongue is concerned). There are only so many Reese’s Pieces one can eat before a craving for a new treat starts to grow in your mind. So, next time you are up late finishing up online classes on your computer or just need a special treat, try one of these delicious candies.

  • Skinny Cow – Skinny Cow chocolate candies are a delicious and (relative to most sweet-treats) healthy new candy. Incorporating chocolate flavors in “dreamy clusters” or “heavenly crisps,” the Skinny Cow candy will satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra inches.
  • Justin’s – Organic, chocolaty treats are the attraction to this pioneering candymaker’s all-naturally delicious product. Simple peanut butter cups and candy bars never tasted so good.
  • Mad Dog Foam Fizz AttackThis candy harkens back to your childhood candy eating days. Who does not like a good, sugary mouth fizz? Online cooking schools recommend brushing your teeth after eating sugary treats such as these.
  • Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars. This candy is not necessarily new, but it may be new to you. The company makes a special effort to leave their chocolate bars as natural as possible, which is nicely reflected in the delicious taste. With so many flavors to try, Ritter Sport may be your brand of choice for candy for the next couple of months. It’s also nice that they come in large squares with smaller square pieces, because you won’t eat it all at once.
  • Jolly Rancher Crunch and Chew. Jolly Ranchers are typically known as a lame, freebie prize that elementary school teachers use to keep their students happy. The teacher’s plan backfires, because the kids go crazy on a sugar high and the Jolly Ranchers pull at least one person’s filling out. No longer. Try this new and improved Jolly Rancher.

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