How does your garden grow?

We are really enjoying our garden this year but have even bigger plans and goals for next year.  With just three small raised beds this year though we are still going pretty good. I have my little helpers that help me water and harvest but even though we are using Neem oil this year to fight against the squash bugs and stink bugs that have destroyed my garden every year I think they are still winning. 🙁  I plan on growing an Insectory next year that will help attack more good bugs to fight off these “bad” bugs. I need to go online and look into ordering Trichogramma wasps from greenmethods.com and see if that takes care of the problem. These wasps won’t stink you and are supposed to help pollinate your garden and kill you bad bug population. Fingers crossed 🙂 I plan on growing a lot more flowers in my garden next year.

Our garden is doing pretty good and already giving us lots of delicious food but it has had to survive a couple wicked hail storms. The cauliflower didn’t make it but everything else did thank goodness and it really thriving besides the squash bugs and stink bug problem we are having on our squash and zucchini plants. Here is the garden today.

Please overlook the masses of weeds around the beds because we have had some bad luck this year. The push mower died the first time we used it and needs replaced the weedeater…never started and needs replaced and the rider is in the shop. UGH! The rider won’t fit around these beds anyhow….Definitely need to remember that when planning out next years garden 🙂 The picture on the left starting at the left front: Zucchini plant and then 4 different pepper plants including one (fooled ya) which look like jalepeno’s but taste like regular green peppers and there is also a zinnia planted in there and a couple onions. The bed behind it is full of onions, carrots, lettuce (Buttercrunch) and 2 Yellow squash plants. The bed at the very back: 2 larger variety tomato plants on the left, more onion, broccoli, more lettuce (just planted) and 2 smaller variety tomato plants. The picture on the right currently only has cucumbers and corn planted and another zinnia.

My youngest is the one that enjoys helping me in the garden the most. He will take out his Easter bucket and help collect the produce of the day and help me wash it off and store it.





We have been making zucchini bread (well actually muffins) and cucumber salad and grilling squash and zucchini, yum.  The tomato’s are just starting to produce so they can’t keep up with our consumption right now but soon we will be inundated. I LOVE those little grape and cherry tomato’s. Often times they don’t even make it in to the house. ;D I try to sneak the green pepper into everything I can and just love cucumber sliced with a light sprinkle of sea salt.


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