“This may be scary to some kids

When the outside world becomes too lively for Shelley Friesland’s 7 year old son, Ridge Alexander, and all else fails, the family will retreat into a bathroom with him and turn out the lights.”This may be scary to some kids, but it’s super calming for Ridge, if things get too crazy and he can’t communicate what he needs,” Frieslander, of South Asheville, says.Ridge was born with congenital cytomegalovirus (a virus that can cause neurological damage), has visual and hearing impairment, and is on the autism spectrum.For children with special needs like Ridge, who https://www.oakleygosunglasses.com/, for one reason or another, are especially sensitive to things like lights, noise, smells and crowds, everyday family experiences may be challenging.Since they can’t be in places that are “loud, noisy or have a lot going on for more than a few minutes,” Frieslander’s family tries to stick with calm, quiet activities like going to the park or relaxing by the river.”We encounter occasions all the time in which we have to cut an outing short cheap oakleys, or even avoid it altogether, due to sensory issues,” she says. “But we decided as a family that we can’t simply avoid leaving the house just because Ridge is going to have a hard time we want him to get out there and learn different ways to cope with some of his sensory needs as much as possible.”For kids with sensory processing issues who need environments with less stimulation, understanding the root cause of their sensitivities is the first step, says Danielle Maxon, a local child therapist specializing in the treatment of kids ages 2 14 with sensory issues, social problems and defiance. An occupational therapist trained in sensory issues can help with diagnosis and may recommend the use of special gadgets and tools to help.”Every child is unique and will need different tools and skills to feel grounded and calm,” says Maxon.Ridge uses a chewy type necklace to bite (“chewelry”), says Friesland.

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