Yep, That’s right. You certainly read the title correctly and I owe some people apologies. I signed up for a couple reviews and have neglected to complete them to date. I will get them both taken care of ASAP, however. I know this looks horrible but I just had to be honest. This has been so hard but it will take us all to the next wonderful chapter in our lives.  We were talking about selling and moving and it all just happened. We didn’t even list our place for sale but by word-of-mouth we had buyers and inspectors were out and closing was just around the corner. Now we had 11 years worth of stuff to get to storage, animals to find temporary housing for and a new house to find. Well everything worked out but the new house. We are currently very interested in a particular home that just sounds perfect for us but in the meantime life goes on.

(The boys checking out the cool cars at the Pixie with Gramma and Papa. Papa drove his Road Runner there)


The kids and I are traveling the US spending time with family and friends while continuing our homeschooling and the three dogs are traveling with us. This has been quite an adventure so far but it IS NOT EASY….On anyone. Right now the 5 of us are visiting my family in MI which is hard on my poor parents. They go from empty-nester’s to the daughter, her 4 kids and their 3 dogs are here, lol. Oh, did I mention they are not really dog people. (I know my family that is reading this are laughing right now as that is a huge understatement). Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with us for a while. We are having a great time though seeing family I haven’t seen in YEARS and seeing some the kids have never met.

(My youngest three with their 2-year-old cousin, Paxton)

We started off the school year about a week behind which has not been fun catching up on but thank goodness we do home-school and that this has all been something we CAN do. We are currently caught back up and looking forward to going to see a Hot Air Balloon Show in Midland, MI on Friday. Then Sunday we are having a (belated) Graduation Party for the oldest. She graduated last year but we were not able to make it up to MI last year so….better late than never, right?

(Playdate at the splash park)

Were are we going next? You’ll have to wait and see. I do ask that you all be patient with me as I don’t have near the time right now to devote to my blog but I will uphold my commitments and check in as often as I can until we get into our new home.  I will keep you posted along the way with our going’s on but as nice as seeing family is I sure miss having our own home and our own lives. We miss daddy very much and haven’t seen him in about a month already and don’t know when we will see him right now so that is the hardest thing. Then there is just the trying to stay out of the way as I know we are intruding (in a way) on my parents and trying to keep the kids focused on schoolwork and the dogs quiet, and, and, and… I know you all can relate. Thank you all for sticking with us as we go through this transitioning and totally exciting time. We miss you, Daddy!


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  1. mark johnston says:

    we will be in the same situation next month and almost the same story house sold really fast and we haven’t been able to find anything only thing is my wife is pregnant and she has a 19 year old daughter with cerebral palsey but there is a god out there and somehow i know we will get through this and to top it off i just had surgery and can’t do any lifting so this move should be fun

    • Valerie says:

      Wow, you win. 🙂 That is going to be even rougher than our time was. My husband is an owner operator so most of the packing and moving was on me but at least I didn’t have weight restrictions due to surgery. Make sure to give yourselves enough time to get out. If you can’t pack up and move before closing give yourselves at least a couple weeks after to get your stuff out. I will pray for your family and that it all goes smoothly. I know it was a huge blessing for your place to be sold so quickly. It has definitely been rough but I know that is because so GREAT is waiting for us and you too.

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