VidaCup (Cup of Life) Review

vida cupI know you are thinking, here we go another coffee review…come on it’s just coffee. It’s not just coffee. This is actually really good and good for you. I have been thinking about trying to cut back on my coffee consumption because I know it’s not doing me any favors the way I drink it. Then I had the opportunity to try out Vidacup. Their products feature proprietary formulations of high-impact, high-quality, functional, instant coffees, teas and other nutritional products. What makes their products unique is that all of their formulations will include an extremely potent extract of a specialized strain of the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom- highly touted for it’s multitude of health benefits and supported by dozens of clinical studies. They call it H1X1 but it really doesn’t taste like you are drinking mushrooms. I couldn’t explain it properly to you all the benefits so click here to learn more about it.

With three flavors I am sure there is one you would enjoy. vidacup*Ageless Brew is a creamy, slightly sweet, low calorie latte that can do just that. Our gourmet coffee is infused with age-defying ingredients including our organic H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei. This latte will please your senses and your body inside and out. How to they make it?  They start with all-natural arabica coffee grown deep in Brazil providing a deep, dark, rich tasting coffee that smells as good as it looks. Lightly sweet and creamy, it’s conveniently packaged in single serving instant sticks so you can take your Ageless Brew anyplace…anytime.

*Mo-Joe is begins with Green Tea, Bacopa, Ginkgo and Gotu Kola. Mo-Joe is also infused with H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei. Many other enhanced coffee companies infuse their coffee with less powerful medicinal mushrooms, but we believe, and studies will validate, that the H1X1 is by far the most potent medicinal mushroom in existence and we strive to bring you the best.The unique coffee blend is deep and dark, smooth and rich.

*Xtreme is an energy drink that is loaded with effective herbs and vitamins that will give you healthy, sustained energy – effectively, without the crash. Xtreme gives you more than just energy but also great nutrition. This  fruity flavored drink is unique, effective and convenient with ONLY 30 Calories. So what’s in it? A blend of fruit and berries that give you an ORAC value of 5,000 per serving.  This jam-packed formula means only three words…. HEALTHY HIGH ENERGY; all natural, low calorie, and tons and tons of sustained energy.

IMO– The Ageless Brew and Mo-Joe are absolutely delicious!   I couldn’t pick which was my favorite. I would heat up a cup of water pour in the packet stir and enjoy. It’s deliciousness in mere seconds. The Xtreme just isn’t for me I want my coffee to taste like coffee and this is just too fruity for me. I am not an energy drink person either so I guess it just wasn’t meant for me but it may be for you.  I definitely suggest giving these flavors a try and seeing which is your favorite. These are so quick and easy as well that you can keep an emergency stash in you car or drawer at work. 🙂 Its a perfect pick-me-up, say the woman that can and does drink her coffee all day. You can read up all about Vidacup on their website, Facebook and/or Twitter. If you are looking for a business opportunity you may want to read up on their compensation plan too.

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