Farewell 2012-(Picture overload)

farewell1         Wow, What a year it was.  2012 started out like many years in the past. It was a really slow year for freight for my husband so he was home a lot running a lot of short local loads with a local soil and mulch company. The upside was he was home a lot but the down side was he worked some long hours. Freight really didn’t start picking up until May or June from my recollection. It was a long spring for my husband I am sure. We had a farm full of animals from the horse, donkey and goats to the chickens, dogs and fish.  savannah profileSweet Savannah turned 12 in February and was continuing her horse riding lessons and trumpet playing at Homeschool band as she was working on the 2nd semester of 6th grade.  Savannah was saving money with her job next door. We had the most awesome neighbors. They had grown to be more like family than neighbors. Savannah played with the neighbors dogs and picked up the doggy poo three times a week and received her weekly check in the mail for $20.00. She loved earning her own money and watching her bank account grow.

Ryker profile

Ryker is in full, all-boy mode.  He is a hand full of fun that keeps us on our toes and laughing.  He loves his family and loves to pray.  He  started doing a little Pre-K stuff but really picks up most of the things he learns from watching his big brother.  He loves playing with Thomas the train and building truly great train tracks.  He also loves playing with his Hot Wheels and remote-control cars.  He still stuck on his first two finger on his right hand and required me to lay down with him at night. He would play with my hair and sucks his fingers and fall asleep. They boys shared a room so basically this was their bed-time routine. Ryker rounded out 2012 by turning into a big four year old.  Can’t believe my baby is 4.

Ryan profile

Ryan became a 5 year old last year and began his first year of Kindergarten through Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy.  He was reluctant in the beginning but as time went on has become a real sponge just absorbing information like crazy. I love the enthusiasm he has when he tells daddy what we learned.  I really started to come to grips with the fact that he was going to need a Speech Therapist to help him and had him tested through the OVCA organization.  I can tell he is frustrated when we can’t understand some things he says so he is eager to get the show on the road with Speech Therapy. He is a great big brother and really looks after his little brother. He is an amazing son too as he is super sweet and helpful. He loves pleasing everyone and typically does a great job doing just that. He is soldier at heart and still lives and breathes camo.

sarah profile

Sarah turned 20 the end of 2012.  I can’t believe my first-born will be turning 21 by the end of this year. She finished up school at Anthony David’s Hair Academy and took and passed her test so she is now licensed to do what she has always loved! Yay!!  It was a busy time for her since she was working and attending school so I think she was glad for that phase to be over but what came next for us was pretty rough on everyone.

We never would have guessed at how quickly things all changed. We have been trying to decide for a couple years what exactly we wanted to do. We bought some land and worked very hard to make it what it was with plans of building a house, “our house”, on this land that we had developed but then again Michael has been working out of the Tulsa area for 8 years now and over the last year he has really become a regional driver so we made the decision to move. From there it was like a whirl wind. We didn’t even put our place on the market I just started talking to people about it and next thing you know we had a buyer. OH dang, we need to shift things into high gear…we have a buyer. Packing, boxing taking stuff to storage, cleaning, making arrangements for all the animals, packing, boxing, cleaning. We were driving to Tulsa all the time looking at different houses. We thought we found our dream home and had the closing set up to coincide with the selling of our current home until we had it inspected. It definitely was too good to be true so we ran away from that one. Uh oh, our home is selling and we don’t have a new one lined up. Oh well, we  homeschool right? So this will be an adventure and family time.

Next thing we have the horse being boarded and trained, the goats are back where they started at a friends house, the donkey went home where she came from as well at another friends house. Michael was getting moved into his friends house where he would be staying until he found us our next home. We boxed, packed, stored and cleaned until it was all ready to go. Closing was in August but it was delayed a day so the 4 kids, 3 dogs and I are a hotel. Finally closing the next evening at 4. By the time we were done and the check in the bank it was 6pm before we started our trek north. The kids, three dogs and one Beta fish and I  started the trip north heading first to Michigan. Before we even got out of Oklahoma Sarah’s car was acting up.  It was a long night. It was the alternator but it was 10pm so my amazing husband found us a u-haul in the middle of nowhere and we had her car loaded and were back on the road. I will cut out all the other ugly details of stops for doggie breaks, bathroom breaks and hotels and tell you we made it to my parents house 3 days after we began.  Thank goodness there aren’t any picture of this. Picture in your head: One silver F250 loaded to the gills with me and four kids and one dog in front while the back was full of totes and two large dog crates housing two German Shepherds with a tarp over the top and hauling a car behind it. Yes, we probably looked a lot like this.

We really enjoyed visiting with my parents for three weeks though it was pretty hard on my dad. He has had an empty house for a long time and me coming to visit with 4 kids and 3 dogs was not his cup of tea.  Oh yeah, he is not a dog person either. I had to buy a kennel to keep them in while we were there. We enjoyed seeing family that we haven’t seen in a couple years and the boys liked playing with their cousin Paxton.  The beginning of October we packed up and drove to the east side of PA to spend some time with my husbands Aunt and Uncle and cousins. We had a really good time. They are all neighbors of each other. His Aunt and Uncle have two kids and they each live next door with their own families. It really is an awesome set up and such a great environment for the kids. They have such a family support system and look out for each other.  They are really a great family.

PA time

Our stay finally came to an end right before Halloween as we packed up the truck for the last time to head back to Oklahoma to close on our new and amazing house.  My husband did a great job finding our home. We had looked at so many before the kids and I left he knew what was important to me and he really nailed it with this house. We have been working to make this house feel like home ever since. With every little change it becomes more and more “our home” and we are ALL loving it. Thank you God for your all of your blessings.



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