LOVED Christmas break <3

french breadYes, we homeschool but it was still Christmas break.

We had a lot of good family fun together playing with new toys (especially my husband) and just lounging around spending time together.

My daughter, Savannah 12, and I spent our last day of our stay-cation baking.  We are beginning the journey of making our own bread, growing our own food, canning, etc. Yesterday we made our first ever 100% homemade French bread. Let me tell you it is as delicious as it looks!! Right behind them you will see the Angel food cake Savannah made while we were waiting for the bread to rise. The flowers are from the hubby. What a perfect day.                                                                    We had a good time and it tastes so good.

Do you bake your own bread, bun, etc.?  Please let us know your biggest tips or favorite recipes.

Thank you! <3

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