Our Homemade Chicken Nuggets

We are making some big changes in our lives. First one is moving 200 miles away to our new beautiful home in a new, small and wonderful town city. They just recently voted to become a city the first month we moved here.  We are also living greener and limited our Eco-footprints while eating healthier and more homemade (the last two really go hand in hand).  We switched all of our light bulbs to the newer Eco-friendly florescent ones just in time for the new LED ones to be come into the scene, lol. We have since bought a couple of them too. They are, however, very pricey but they are supposed to last for like 20-30 years! We LOVE them. They put off the brightest and most crisp light ever!  We recycle, reuse and will soon be composting and gardening. We have a freezer full of our raised at home goat meat and will be adding a new freezer and filling it with pasture grazed beef as well.  The new hens will also be ordered within the next month or so and we are contemplating raising and processing our own meat chickens.  If we can know where all of our meat, fruit and veggies are coming from that would be perfect. Oh yes, we are also going to start growing our own herbs too. We have master gardeners that live across the street so they will be my mentors. They actually gave me an extra food dehydrator they had too. Very excited about that as well.

OK, enough about that and onto the easiest homemade chicken nuggets ever. For now since we don’t have meat chickens I bought some chicken breast and cubed it all. Typically I buy whole chickens instead of just breast but when I seen how the prices have almost doubled on them (one of the reasons for possibly raising our own) I just bought a package of boneless, skinless chicken breast. cubed chickendressing in boxThen grabbed my box of Mrs. Cubbison’s Classic seasoned dressing and let my kids go to town smashing it up all into a fine dust. While I put a couple tablespoons of water and an egg in a bowl and whisked. Then we dunked the chicken cubes in the egg and shook them up in a large zippered bag with the crushed dressing until they were all coated, put them on a pan and baked until golden brown.  By the way there are a ton of recipes for using stuffing on their website www.mrscubbisons.com.

Sorry, this is definitely not the best picture but may family was starving and all sitting at the table with their plates ready to dig in but were waiting on me so we could say Grace and enjoy. 🙂 I snapped this picture really quickly. I would love to serve this up with a plate of Chicken Alfredo but this evening we had brown rice and mixed veggies.  It was delicious and my family requests these homemade nuggets all the time. Wish I had more hours in the day.

Chicken and stuffing


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  1. This looks delicious! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to make my own!
    Jamie “ChatterBlossom” recently posted..Feature Friday – EmeraldMy Profile

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